norman wrote:
> < snip >
>> I have a large collection of old slides showing all the problems you 
>> describe in your article to greater or lesser degree, so
>> I was extremely interested in your post. I've downloaded your plugins.
>> Unfortunately  I get a "Forbidden" error when I try to download the 
>> readme.txt; and it's not clear to me how to get the python plugins 
>> actually installed in Gimp 2.6 after copying them into the 
>> ~/.gimp-2.6/plugins directory.
>> Can you help?
> I read the photorestore.pdf file. 
> Norman
So did I, but there's no protection against senility :-[ .
However, I then read your earlier post, Norman - bangs head on wall!! - 
of course, permissions :-[ :-[
(it's normally the first thing I think of, but my excuse is that I've 
got used to gramps, where 'Reload Plugins' does that for you).

Yes, they're all there. Now I can get down to trying them out.


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