On 2009-08-28, Greg Chapman <gregtu...@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>> I find it annoying that there 
>> appears to be no selection tool that turns off all tools.

> I am confused by this feature request.

> The GIMP is an image editing package not an image display package. 

Wrong.  GIMP is a package for whatever the *USER* decides it is going
to use GIMP for.  And an absence of a convenient non-destructive tool
is a major misfeature.

The first thing I do when entering GIMP is switching to the eyepicker
(or is is dropper? ;-) tool.  But it is not non-destructive enough;
and it is useless as a default tool.

For me, a possibility to have a "Panning" tool as the default would
make my life much more useful (one which behaves as mid-mouse-drag).

A few mouses around have a middle button.  And SPACE-panning is
useless if the focus is not on the picture window...

Hope this helps,

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