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> Why should *A USER* care how some #...@% *named* a tool?
> Why should *A USER* care what *another* user supposes is "a correct
> tool for the job"?  (Assume that the first user has considered the
> suggestion, appreciated the suggestion, and decided to discard it. ;-)
> [*]

They shouldn't necessarily, indeed, using a tool in new ways can be
very helpful and informative. However, when the program explicitly
states its purpose


You will need to explain how your request is relevant to that vision
in order to have any likelihood of having your proposition accepted.

> P.S. [*] Myself, I do not use GIMP to CREATE graphics.  I use it to
>     fix existing images.
>     I'm a slow thinker; before I decide HOW would I want to fix a
>     particular photo, I investigate all the details I can think of.
>     So, while my *intent* is to "manipulate" an image, THE FIRST
>     things I always do are to use GIMP as a viewer.  It might be the
>     reason why I consider the default=panning-tool so useful.
>     Am I so special?  Do other edit-not-create people use different
>     workflow?
I just drag with the middle mouse button, or the stylus button, to
pan, myself. (or I use the navigation view (icon in the bottom right
corner of the image view)
If I mainly edited, rather than having a fairly even balance of edit
vs create, I would probably set the Zoom tool as the default (or
possibly the Measure tool).  I might even make the cursor keys scroll
the display rather than adjusting opacity etc.
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