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> However, when the program explicitly states its purpose

> http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/GIMP_UI_Redesign#product_vision
> You will need to explain how your request is relevant to that vision
> in order to have any likelihood of having your proposition accepted.

Does not this remind you again the "we know that we know better" adage?

And sorry, but when I read these scrapbooks, I get very strong
suspicion that they are written by the same people who claim that GIMP
is better than Photoshop :-(...

  [But I do not think that this list is the best place to discuss
   these notes...  Is it?]

>>     Am I so special?  Do other edit-not-create people use different
>>     workflow?

> I just drag with the middle mouse button, or the stylus button, to
> pan, myself.

... omitting the fact that 50% of computers do not have a middle
button, 99% of the rest have a wiggling worm (specially designed to
make dragging much less reliable) instead a middle button.  (And I
heard that a "portable" stylus costs about the same as the computer it
is connected to...  How many are sold?  100000?)

> (or I use the navigation view (icon in the bottom right corner of
> the image view)

... to use which one needs to hunt first a teeny-weeny square with a
mouse, which works in the "reversed" direction, with non-intuitive
magnification factor (and any interruption of dragging forces one to
hunt the starting point again...).

> If I mainly edited, rather than having a fairly even balance of edit
> vs create, I would probably set the Zoom tool as the default

Would not then accidental clicking ruin your zoom ratio?

> (or possibly the Measure tool).

[Never used it myself.  Might be a good non-tool.  But having a useful
for-something tool would be much more useful, would not it? ;-]

> I might even make the cursor keys scroll the display rather than
> adjusting opacity etc.

In Emacs, where I use about 5 or 6 different granularities for
navigation with cursor keys (char/word/sexp/enclosing-sexp/sentence),
I somehow manage to remember the "strength" ordering of modifier keys.
(As in

 Alt=Meta is stronger than Ctrl, and Alt-Ctrl=Meta-Ctrl is yet stronger


However, in picture viewing environments it does not come naturally -
I never remember which key makes what kind of movement
(px/10px/0.1viewport/viewport/to-the-end).  (Maybe because the natural
unit of movement in editor - 1char - is the minimal of possible
movements, while for viewing 0.1viewport is much more natural binding
for Left/Right/Up/Down keys?)

So I find panning by keyboard non-intuitive.  (Unless I want
go-to-the-end, which is, obviously, on the strongest amplifier


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