> Zoom tool only modifies the view... is that non destructive enough?

>Not enough.  (Did you mean that you do not care about what
>magnification an image is shown at?)

The point was not if you (or somebody else) care about "magnification an
image is shown ":
the point is that  operation is absolutely not destructive ..nothing change
in the imagine not the size not a single pixel

I cannot imagine something less destructive except that a button with no
functions at all, except that to provide the pleasure to click safety on
something, but without fear or risk of consequences

Then i really love use SW in ways not Imagined by the developers

But the use of gimp as Image viewer WAS imagined,even attempted by few  and
most agree that Use gimp as Image viewer will be a PITA

While are excellent image viewer/converter (as example for Windows Xnview and
Irfanview )that integrate very well in the gimp workflow.

Then if you prefer try to use as Image Viewer you may well do, but without
pretending that is a new original and creative idea

Is original as use a knife as was a screwdriver

For me  Gimp used as image viewer is even worse then a knife used as

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