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>> Zoom tool only modifies the view... is that non destructive enough?

>>Not enough.  (Did you mean that you do not care about what
>>magnification an image is shown at?)

> The point was not if you (or somebody else) care about "magnification an
> image is shown ":
> the point is that  operation is absolutely not destructive ..nothing change
> in the imagine not the size not a single pixel

This can hardly be true, since unwanted zooming is very
destructive.  My (assumingly carefully designed) workspace is no more.

> I cannot imagine something less destructive except that a button with no
> functions at all, except that to provide the pleasure to click safety on
> something, but without fear or risk of consequences

I assume you have never heard about image being panned by mouse?!

> While are excellent image viewer/converter (as example for Windows Xnview and
> Irfanview )that integrate very well in the gimp workflow.

Irfanview is - in many respects - horrible.  It won't keep position
when zooming.  There is no convenient way to tune brightness/gamma.  I
do not see a simple way to make pressing `2' go to 1/2 zoom.  Just to
list a few...

Hope this helps,

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