On 2009-09-05, Olivier Lecarme <o...@olecarme.homelinux.net> wrote:
> It seems that the whole preceding thread is focused on the wrong point.
> The initial writers want a "non-tool" because they want to click on the
> image window without doing anything. But why do they want to click it?
> Certainly only for giving it the focus.

Not necessarily.  Maybe they want to modify the z-order...  OR, maybe
for them clicking on windows is just "a normal way of working with a
computer", and when with ALL THE OTHER applications clicking is
non-destructive, one does not want to modify one's habit if one of the
100 windows on the screen happens to be GIMP's one...

  [But the worst offender in this department is Hugin - there is no
   undo and no other way to switch off destructive results of clicking
   on the preview window.  At least in 0.7...]

> That means that they are doing it the wrong way, even if they are doing
> this all the time.

Oh, I hear a guru speaking...

> With a decent window manager, you have the option to
> give the focus to a window as soon as the mouse pointer is above it.

So we finally got to "my window manager is bigger than yours" level?

> With any window manager, you can focus on a given window by clicking on
> its title bar,

Try finding a title bar after f11...  And anyway, the title bar is much
smaller target than a window, so hitting it requires extra eye-muscle

> or by using some key combination like Alt-TAB.

Very intuitive, thank you!  (Myself, I use Alt-Tab all the time, but
not with GIMP - too many windows to choose from.)


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