Rendering? not likely.

There is nothing there that indicates this at all.

The transparent "gel" bubbles are a very easy effect to create in a paint
program and the backgrounds and metallics can easily be done using masks and

If anyone is really interested, I could whip up a quick tutorial how to do
the same thing.

Steve Morris wrote:

> Jon Winters writes:
>  >
>  >
>  > Nice stuff.  His "trademark style" of the translucent plastic or glass
>  > looking button/lens thingie is what really leaps off the screen and
>  > grabbs my attention.
> Hey he's a Mac guy. What do you expect. :)
> Seriously the most obvious solution is to use a ray-trace rendering
> package. It looks rendered to my inexperienced eye. Notice that
> everything has that soft plastic look with high quality highlights and
> reflections. Ray-trace software does an excellent job on plastics and
> translucent objects. That combination of refraction, diffusion and
> reflection is a speciality.
> He does mention rendering on his page.

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