Steve Rogers wrote:
> Apparently someone got quite offended by my posting to the list that the
> graphics on this web site could be easily done in a graphics package like
> GIMP, even though I offereed to post a tutorial on it as well.
> Is this typical of the way you people behave here? or is this individual an
> exception? I am willing to do tutorials and help people, but if this is the
> kind of nonsense this list generates, I won't waste my time. I have better
> things to do  than be flamed by idiots.

I hope this is the exception rather than the rule.  I'm new to this list
and I do indeed want to see your tutorial.  

I'm all up for learning how to ray-trace too.  But first I would like to
learn how to pull off those 'glassy' effects in Gimp.

If anyone out there on this list finds me making personal attacks in the
future please take a moment to bitch-slap me and remind me why I joined
the list.  To learn about the Gimp and to share stuff I have learn with

I hope that is why everyone else joined the list.
Jon Winters
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