Steve Rogers wrote:

> regardless, the transparent "gel" and bubble effects are easy. the
> "plate" backgrounds are easy and the appearance of reflections are
> also reasoanbly easy without the need for a rendering package to do
> them.

I've spent some time now working on it and I haven't produced anything
worthy of showing to the list.  I'm missing something and I don't know
> To make a 100% definitive statement, I would need to take the time to
> sit down and dissect each one individually to evaluate the steps
> needed to reproduce them or a similar effect.

Hope you can because I really want to know how to do this.
> Since this guy is unwilling to share his secrets, where he used any
> rendering at all is rather pointless. Good technique will do virtually
> everything thing that was on his site with maybe one or two
> exceptions.

I agree completely.
> Years ago Amiga artists created stunning graphics with Deluxe paint
> that took close examination to see that they were not in fact rendered
> in a 3d program they were so good. A number of images I did back then
> were quite popular and distributed through the Amiga community that
> depicted the different models of Amiga computers that looked rendered,
> I did those in Deluxe Paint

Ah!  An Amigan!  I seem to remember something on /. the other day about
one of the better graphics packages for the Amiga being ported to
linux.  (not opensource tho)

I gave my Amiga to a friend who still uses them.  He did some work on it
and then gave it to his girlfriend who used it to write all her papers
in college. 

> GIMP is a far better tool than the paint programs Amiga used over a
> decade ago.

I've used a bunch of wacky programs over the years and I think its
good.  Knowing how to do things with more than one tool is a good
Jon Winters
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