Hi everyone

I installed Gimp 1.1.11 to use more than 72 dpi,

with my first installation I could not use the script-fu options; Gimp would just 

I have now re-compiled it and installed it again, now I can use the script-fu options, 
only once, then I get a Segmentation fault caught?
If I want to use it again, I must save what I have got open and restart Gimp (the 
side is that it does not close gimp any more, I can go on working, I just cant use the
script-fu options)

Now when running the config command I get a
Parse::RecDescent 1.6 for scm2perl error,

On examining the Perl Error/Warning log (after installing Gimp) I also noted the 
gimpmagick Image:: Magick version 1.45 and it is fatal

now my question will be, where do I find the packages, so that I can install them and 
get the first error.
and then where do i get Magick version 1.45?

Thanks for the help

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