I am new to these lists, and it is interesting to see how much energy is wasted
on something totally irrelevant to the subject i.e. get terrence of the list
My question is, if I ask a question, will it receive the same amount of
attention? Or should I ask; will it receive the same amount of devotion?
If it does, then surely I must get an answer to my question.

So what is my question?
How do I create an graphic with a higher dpi than the default 72 (or more
accurate ppi?), and save it as an tiff file, not a postscript file?
The Gimp manual suggest saving the file as a ps, but I would prefer using tiff
format at this stage (still learning so one step at a time)
Then also, if I want to do a poster (with a higher dpi than 72), following the
suggestion in the Gimp manual, Gimp creates a huge file, and doing anything
useful with Gimp becomes impossible.

Thanks a lot

(I am sending this to both the user and developer list, as I am not sure where
the terrence thing originated from :-))

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