You can't do it with Gimp 1.0 but you can do it with the developers
version of Gimp i.e Gimp 1.1.x . 

A work around is to calculate it your self (described in the PrePress
Chapter). Say e.g that you want 210ppi res in a 4"x4" image. Then you
should create a 840x840 pixels image in Gimp.

Cheers Olof S Kylander


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On Tue, 23 Nov 1999, Koot wrote:

> I am new to these lists, and it is interesting to see how much energy is wasted
> on something totally irrelevant to the subject i.e. get terrence of the list
> ;-)
> My question is, if I ask a question, will it receive the same amount of
> attention? Or should I ask; will it receive the same amount of devotion?
> If it does, then surely I must get an answer to my question.
> So what is my question?
> How do I create an graphic with a higher dpi than the default 72 (or more
> accurate ppi?), and save it as an tiff file, not a postscript file?
> The Gimp manual suggest saving the file as a ps, but I would prefer using tiff
> format at this stage (still learning so one step at a time)
> Then also, if I want to do a poster (with a higher dpi than 72), following the
> suggestion in the Gimp manual, Gimp creates a huge file, and doing anything
> useful with Gimp becomes impossible.
> Thanks a lot
> (I am sending this to both the user and developer list, as I am not sure where
> the terrence thing originated from :-))

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