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>I have a copy of 7-Zip 9.20 and it clearly states -- and my experience 
>confirms -- that it supports both compressing to and decompressing from the 
>"zip" format. From the 7-Zip documentation:
>7-Zip creates ZIP compatible archives. 7-Zip supports the following ZIP 
>compression methods:
>0 - Store 
>8 - Deflate 
>9 - Deflate64 
>12 - BZip2 
>14 - LZMA 
>98 - PPMd 
>1 - Shrink (decompression only) 
>6 - Implode (decompression only)  
I thought I had used it to extract pax (I don't have it in front of me to try).
Perhaps "ZIP compression methods" is restrictive and I should infer
"in addition to selected non-ZIP compression methods".

Where's the standards document for ZIP?  Ah!  I see:
ISO/IEC 21320-1:2015 requires the following main restrictions of the ZIP file 
    Files in ZIP archives may only be stored uncompressed, or using the 
"deflate" compression
        (i.e. compression method may contain the value "0" - stored or "8" - 
    The encryption features are prohibited.
    The digital signature features are prohibited.
    The "patched data" features are prohibited.
    Archives may not span multiple volumes or be segmented.
(With additional citations.)  Does "jar" conform?

-- gil

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