Hi Frédéric,

thank you for offering a helping hand, a comic with some topic related to the new release would be most welcome! Or several even :D

You're creative and can come up with something appropriate. Maybe something funny or catchy, twitter and FB friendly that would get spread wide? 

Lovely comic drawing, although I suspect the dialogue is even more salient :)

I've been playing a lot with SVG on the web lately and would love to see more of it, in line with what Martin suggested. If not it would at least be useful to have the text as text below the image, so Google can take a stab at translating it. Retyping it to Google translate is too much of a bother, but having an easy way to translate would attract more audience.


On 12.10.2016 17:07, Frédéric Guimont wrote:
Hi mihaela, 

I'm willing to help out on marketing and web issues too. I'm currently making a weekly webcomic (in french) using only inkscape. If I can help with a comic, I'd be happy to do that too.

Here's the link, for the curious, (don't mean to spam, though I think it's on topic): http://quebeccite.com

I can also help moderate the forums, make tutorials and such (I've made an intro to the powerstroke a while back on youtube).
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Hi all! 

Thank you Brynn for your intro and welcoming me back to the community 😊 it's great to be back and you can count me in all Inkscape activities except programming :) 

Some years ago I used to know every little detail happening around Inkscape development and in the community. I wasn't very vocal on the lists, mainly because I'm not a programmer and couldn't contribute that way, and there didn't seem to be a lot of non-programming discussions, but I read all the news, triaged bugs in the tracker, compiled nightly builds often and tested my behind off. I also helped in the forum, at first with the usual questions about using Inkscape, since I knew a lot of tips and tricks, and later fighting spam :p 

I probably won't be able to commit as much time now, since I'm not giving up on Drupal, but I hope to come close. I can block a certain number of hours to Inkscape each week. I'd love it if you (devs, forum and website committee, users) would steer the efforts around website, forum and user community in general. Every project needs more users, a larger and more active community. But setting a more specific goal can better the chances of success and clarify which areas are more beneficial to focus on. 

    * What type of community members do we most direly need more of: developers, testers, professional designers who use Inkscape, hobbyist users, evangelists...? And how many? Do we have any stats about the current state? 
    * How many new developers and their quality/time commitment would be ideal in the next year? 
    * Should Inkscape be branded more as a vector editor in general or SVG editor (SVG has become a buzzword in web community)? 
    * Inkscape has been mentioned as not the best editor for SVG for the web, which I can't agree with. Is this something you think we should try and change? 
    * Should we position Inkscape more strongly with respects to other vector and SVG editors (Sketch, AI)? 
    * What kind of articles would help spread Inkscape (tutorials, reviews, user testimonies, comics...)? Where should they be published? 
    * ... any other topic that should be considered? 

I hope you don't mind me opening with a bag of questions instead of an actionable plan, I haven't forgotten the "code first, ask questions later" guideline, but with this type of work questions are the proper procedure to start with in order to achieve results more efficiently. 

Areas where I can help are the forum (installation, migration? and as a mod), website (limited), marketing and branding, FLOSS manual, and the usual testing and bug tracking. Let me know if you think I should focus more on some and less on the other areas. 

I can't not mention Tav's manual, to continue on Brynn's thought. That manual was what brought me to Inkscape and made me stick with it, and it made me skilful. (I'm also a proud owner of the printed version, hefty book Tav in many ways!) 

And then it makes sense to ask: What is the usual way users discover Inkscape? What makes them stick? 

Thank you again for welcoming me back, I hope we boost Inkscape community in the next year! 

Mihaela aka prkos 

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