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>> Yes, but I think the SVGs are heavier than the PNGs on the page. I'd
>> also have to load the fonts (anime ace 2) and make sure the dialogue
>> balloons can contain the text in all languages.
> Generate balloons, load css font (e.g. ttf), convert lower layer to png
> and just use svg as overlay. Stick some js in there or some css
> animations for a fun time.

I've been planning on doing animated versions for a long time. It'll happen 

>> What's this system? Is there info on the wiki about that?
> https://inkscape.org/en/gallery/=tutorial/> 

Cool, I will =)

> You can submit to this category a link to a youtube tutorial, and if we
> can collect them, it'd be really useful. (tag them as video)
> Martin,

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