Hi Sylvain,
Yeah I think Elisa added the contributors bit after I'd put the project aside, 
I didn't sign my name anywhere :) Sorry about that!
I can start doing some translations again if you want, but if there are got any 
chapters you don't want me to touch (eg. because they're in progress already) 
just let me know. I'll also read through the ones you did – are they quite 
close to the original texts or more of an adaptation?

    On Thursday, 13 October 2016 4:26 AM, Sylvain Chiron 
<chironsylv...@orange.fr> wrote:

 Le 12/10/2016 à 23:18, mihaela.jurko...@gmail.com a écrit :
> Lovely comic drawing, although I suspect the dialogue is even more
> salient :)

Looks slangish, chewed words between friends and guys from a common
community. Quite cool.
Yes, the drawings are very nice.

Le 12/10/2016 à 22:11, Frédéric Guimont a écrit :
>> It’s on topic. Maybe you’d mind reading the indented paragraph there:
>> https://inkscape.org/fr/communaute/sur-internet/
> That's great! I'll take the time to do that tonight, thanks.

We’re waiting for your bug report then — :).

>> By the way, I don’t really understand the 40px left margin. When
>> browsing the site with a mobile phone, it’s quite annoying.
> Noted. I'll look into that too ;)

Do you have editor access? I said that for the website editors.

> Just joined and checked your email. I met Elisa over the summer and I'm
> familiar with the doc (although I haven't read the manual yet). I'll see
> if I can find the time to do some translations.

Thanks, will be very helpful.

Le 12/10/2016 à 23:15, Hinerangi Courtenay a écrit :
> I haven't been active around here for a few months, so sorry for jumping
> into the conversation like this! (I haven't read all the other digests
> so please excuse my lack of context.)

Nice to meet you Hinerangi. (Then I’ll send another mail about the
website design…)

> I saw there's some talk about the English translation I started of the
> Floss manual in April this year (after seeing somewhere on the Inkscape
> website that we were waiting for the French manual to be translated).
> Elisa set it up on flossmanuals.net, and I translated the first few
> chapters (not the titles though, I didn't have access to them in the
> editor). Not everything was a straight translation, some things were
> more of an adaptation – sometimes I reworded/rearranged things to be
> clearer in English. Unfortunately a few weeks later I had to leave it
> because of work, but I see Sylvain has made great progress on it though!

Means I wasn’t much more informed than Brynn, I thought Elisa did these
translations before me. Well, you should add your name in the About chapter.

> Sylvain, if you need a hand getting through the rest of the chapters, I
> can help again – just let me know which ones you'd like me to work on,
> to avoid editing conflicts. I haven't checked through the translations
> you've done, would you like me to? I'm a native English speaker :)

I know who you are, I got interested in Inkscape.org’s details and
you’re linked from the footer — :).
I had initially planned Brynn would involve for reviewing my
translations once greatly done, but of course you can check them too.

I couldn’t go far during last 6 months; yes, some help from Fred and you
would be really appropriate.

> P.S. Seems the mailing list and I are still not friends, I tried sending
> this email multiple times and it keeps bouncing back :( Hopefully this
> time it'll work!

Weird… You might look for sending plain text e-mails, rather than HTML ones.

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