Le 13/10/2016 à 12:39, Hinerangi Courtenay a écrit :
> Yeah I think Elisa added the contributors bit after I'd put the project
> aside, I didn't sign my name anywhere :) Sorry about that!

Then here you are:

> I can start doing some translations again if you want, but if there are
> got any chapters you don't want me to touch (eg. because they're in
> progress already) just let me know. I'll also read through the ones you
> did – are they quite close to the original texts or more of an adaptation?

Well (I described all this in my previous mail), all the chapters are
considered to be ready for reading by English native speakers. And my
translations, yes, are the closest to the original texts according to my
skills at English (mostly very faithful but a few acrobatics so that the
text is more natural). Actually I also work on the original text to
improve the editorial quality, illustrations, typo and alike.

I’d like to focus on correcting the original text — :P. So you’d
probably be the best for the actual translation once the French version
is revised.

I’ll continue the discussion with Fred and you outside from the list
(will allow some French, I’m a bit tired of thinking about ‘communication’).

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