Le 12/10/2016 à 23:18, mihaela.jurko...@gmail.com a écrit :
> Lovely comic drawing, although I suspect the dialogue is even more
> salient :)

Looks slangish, chewed words between friends and guys from a common
community. Quite cool.
Yes, the drawings are very nice.

Le 12/10/2016 à 22:11, Frédéric Guimont a écrit :
>> It’s on topic. Maybe you’d mind reading the indented paragraph there:
>> https://inkscape.org/fr/communaute/sur-internet/
> That's great! I'll take the time to do that tonight, thanks.

We’re waiting for your bug report then — :).

>> By the way, I don’t really understand the 40px left margin. When
>> browsing the site with a mobile phone, it’s quite annoying.
> Noted. I'll look into that too ;)

Do you have editor access? I said that for the website editors.

> Just joined and checked your email. I met Elisa over the summer and I'm
> familiar with the doc (although I haven't read the manual yet). I'll see
> if I can find the time to do some translations.

Thanks, will be very helpful.

Le 12/10/2016 à 23:15, Hinerangi Courtenay a écrit :
> I haven't been active around here for a few months, so sorry for jumping
> into the conversation like this! (I haven't read all the other digests
> so please excuse my lack of context.)

Nice to meet you Hinerangi. (Then I’ll send another mail about the
website design…)

> I saw there's some talk about the English translation I started of the
> Floss manual in April this year (after seeing somewhere on the Inkscape
> website that we were waiting for the French manual to be translated).
> Elisa set it up on flossmanuals.net, and I translated the first few
> chapters (not the titles though, I didn't have access to them in the
> editor). Not everything was a straight translation, some things were
> more of an adaptation – sometimes I reworded/rearranged things to be
> clearer in English. Unfortunately a few weeks later I had to leave it
> because of work, but I see Sylvain has made great progress on it though!

Means I wasn’t much more informed than Brynn, I thought Elisa did these
translations before me. Well, you should add your name in the About chapter.

> Sylvain, if you need a hand getting through the rest of the chapters, I
> can help again – just let me know which ones you'd like me to work on,
> to avoid editing conflicts. I haven't checked through the translations
> you've done, would you like me to? I'm a native English speaker :)

I know who you are, I got interested in Inkscape.org’s details and
you’re linked from the footer — :).
I had initially planned Brynn would involve for reviewing my
translations once greatly done, but of course you can check them too.

I couldn’t go far during last 6 months; yes, some help from Fred and you
would be really appropriate.

> P.S. Seems the mailing list and I are still not friends, I tried sending
> this email multiple times and it keeps bouncing back :( Hopefully this
> time it'll work!

Weird… You might look for sending plain text e-mails, rather than HTML ones.

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