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On Wed, 14 Feb 2018, nicolas de loof wrote:

> I haven't found any references to supervisord in JEP pull request, neither
> about kubernetes - did I miss something ?
> Anyway I tend to agree with this comment about packaging supervisord with
> jenkins essential within a docker image as a bad practice. I don't think
> this has anything to relate to running this as plain docker or with some
> orchestrator, this just makes the docker image a mutable instance, which
> should be avoided. Without much details on where this discussion comes from
> I can't really tell much about alternatives.

Surya was referring to the second document in this thread which I sent out:

I understand the "bad practice" argument against this approach but I haven't
yet seen a counter-proposal which accomplishes what jenkins/evergreen needs to
accomplish, without using supervisord in the "basic" container case, or a
Kubernetes-like thing in the "advanced" case. I'm personally comfortable with
being less dogmatic about what goes into the container, understanding that
there's a future on the horizon filled with Kubernetes :)

As to the concern about the image mutability, the evergreen-client would only
be effectively changing content in the mapped `/var/jenkins_home` which must by
the very nature of Jenkins be mutable. I'll update JEP-301 to make that more

Thanks for taking a look-see.

- R. Tyler Croy

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