ok, i now changed the topic accordingly.

first off i guess we need to find the correct license. anybody knows who 
implemented native win32 ecw support? can we contact him to receive the 
original license that cam with that version of the sdk?

On 15.09.2011 12:46, Rahkonen Jukka wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried to get some understandment about how the license text for the ECW 
> SDK/ECW JPEG 2000 SDK/ERDAS ECW/JP2 SDK has changed but it is not easy. 
> However, it looks like there in no problem in using .dll files from the 
> independent ER Mapper time before Leica Geosystems bought the company in 
> 2007. All the old programs I checked (Irfan View, ArcView, ArcGIS 9, MapInfo 
> Professional etc.) just have copied the NCS***.dll files from the 
> "redistributable" directory of the ECW SDK. I could not find a copy of ER 
> Mapper ECW licence from those programs but it is possible that it is included 
> somewhere on the help files.

there should be a the necessary eula appendix as demanded by the two ecw EULAs 
i have seen so far. this would be the license that would have to add to our 
license collection as well.

still wich is the correct complete licens for our binaries 
this one
http://www.calculate-linux.org/packages/licenses/ECWPL ?

could somebody supply me with the original sdk used? i would have a look at it 
and try to shed some more light on it as the ECWPL is obviously completely 
different to recent ecw sdk licenses.

> EULA from November 2007 did not change much the situation with OpenJUMP I 
> think. What we use are exactly the files in the "redistributables" directory
> 2.1. Non-Commercial Use.  
> 2.1.1. Subject to all other terms of this Agreement, You are hereby granted a 
> royalty-free, nonexclusive, worldwide license to use the ECW/JP2 CODEC SDK to 
> create and distribute END APPLICATIONS that DECODE and/or ENCODE for 
> 2.1.2. Subject to all other terms of this Agreement, You are hereby granted a 
> royalty-free, worldwide license to use the ECW/JP2 CODEC SDK to create and 
> distribute LIBRARIES.  In distributing LIBRARIES, You are licensed only to 
> distribute those compiled portions of the ECW/JP2 CODEC SDK in the 
> "redistributables" directory, which contains binaries that another 
> application using the LIBRARY will link to."

i am not sure if that license applies to our binaries

> The whole EULA text is citated in gdal develor thread 
> http://www.osgeo.org/pipermail/gdal-dev/2007-December/015248.html
> At that time the SDK version was 3.x.x. The current version is 4.2 and the 
> company name ERDAS. I do not think that OpenJUMP could even theoretically use 
> the new 4.x SDK. ERDAS is marketing the system for streaming ECW imagery 
> through the internet with ECWP protocol and new license terms mandate that 
> any software using the version 4.x ECW must be able to read both static .ecw 
> image files and content from servers sending ECWP streams.

even the new 'cited license' above has a statement for mandatory stream 
support. so we would have to look if our binaries came from before or actually 
legally have to drop the support.
> We could consider to deliver the old ECW .dll files bundled with OpenJUMP 
> like we do now.  We cannot really deliver OJ without the dlls and give 
> instruction for the users to download dlls separately, because ERDAS does not 
> have version 3.x downloads. It was not allowed at the v. 3.x time to deliver 
> dlls separately but they should be included with the main software. Therefore 
> I do not believe we could keep  copies of the .dll files for download on OJ 
> web side. Alternative is to remove the ECW support totally. For me the 
> current situation with dll files included in the release version but not in 
> the nightly builds fine because I do have some ECW images and OpenJUMP is 
> handling them fine.

actually there are three options here
- offer a bundle to download and copy to /lib
- include in distribution zip
- drop the support

we should clear the correct license for our binaries and decide accordingly.

> When it comes to 4.x version, perhaps it would be best to acquire the 
> possible ECW support through an external library like GDAL or Geotools of 
> Sextante instead of building a new native support into OpenJUMP.

just checked geotools2 and they use a gdal binding to read ecw, 
which in turn would need one of these

i checked 
- win gisinternals.com dailies v1.8 which came with ecw libraries 
- linux ubuntugis build unstable also v1.8 something which had no ecw support 
out of the box

but that is just observation, no judgement here.

my take would be to implement gt2 datasources finally and therefor playing the 
ball up to gt2 and gdal. we simply don't have the manpower to take care of 
every little proprietary format and it's licensing issues out there. 

still i'd really like to get hands on a copy of the sdk our native support 
stems from. supposedly the ermapper.jar java binding was a part of it, but i 
can't find information about ecw sdk ever including java bindings. who build 


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