I made a new bracket for the Skybeacon earlier today.  I intended to let the paint dry and install tomorrow but I went out after supper and paint was almost dry enough to handle.  With rain in the forecast for the rest of the week I bit the bullet and installed the unit on the KR.  The mount this time is .032 aluminum instead of the thinner material I used the first time. That eliminated the need for a stiffener but also made it harder to bend to vertical after install.  I persisted and made it happen.



With the unit installed and programmed , there was no reason not to test it in flight.  All the passing showers had cleared the area but on climb out there was a significant haze layer starting at 1000 feet AGL. It went well above the 4000 foot mark that I climbed to and cut visibility to about 5 miles or so.  I applied carb heat as soon as I hit the haze layer and left it on for the duration of the flight.  I never saw another aircraft target for the entire flight and questioned the operation of the unit.

When I got home I put in a request for a flight report.  It came back within minutes and showed me at altitude from 600 feet to 4400 feet and showed the duration of my flight of about 16 minutes.  I didn't check the users guide to know what all the numbers mean but it said any data highlighted in read means poor performance.  There was nothing highlighted so I guess it works. Time will tell..........

Larry Flesner

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