There is one more possiblity. I was trained to turn my transponder on during 
run up instead of start up. I was getting short errors in my reports also and 
thought I had to keep moving my antennas around more. I found out that the 
error was likely from not having the transponder set to mode C on start up. I 
have left in the mode C from start to shut down and no more errors.
Joe Horton n357CJ

Oh yea a little fying today. I'm not a young eagles pilot but I did take a 
friends two 12 yar old girls for about a 20 min. ride each today. one I took 
above the cumies and let her fly around the edges. They both loved it- Maybe 
did a little inspiring for my good deed this year...

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On 6/28/2020 8:18 PM, Flesner via KRnet wrote:
> There was nothing highlighted so I guess it works.


I lied !!!  I went back and looked at the report and didn't realize it 
was six pages long.  Near the bottom there was one box highlighted in 
red.  It was in the "OTHER" section of the report and the box was 
labeled "MODE 3A" and apparently it didn't transmit my four letter code 
(1200) for 21 seconds or so.  I'm thinking I'll not lose too much sleep 
over that.  I'm guessing that could have been as I was just acquiring or 
loosing radar coverage.  I have to get pretty high at my home base to 
get coverage.  On ILS flights during IMC they hole the number two 
aircraft at 3000 feet until the first is on the ground and clear. 
Someone more knowledgeable might have a better explanation.

Larry Flesner


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