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>At Wed, 28 Mar 2001 13:09:37 +0100, Simon Wistow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>[London phone codes]
>> It was origially 01 ne c'est pas? Then it changed to 071 (Inner
>> London) and 081 (Greater London) then it changed to 0171 and 0181 and
>> then finally to 020 7xxx and 020 8xxx
>And all of those changes have happened in the last 10
>(12? I'm guessing here) years.
>And each time we've been told that the changes will cope with the
>demand for phone numbers for many years. Which has been a lie.

It would have done if Oftel had done things properly; instead they
somehow managed to create between 10 and 20 times more numbers and
still fuck things up.

The US approach (longer local numbers- everywhere is 7 digits now,
prepended by a three digit 'city' code) combined with the fact there
was room to expand the three digit codes (Microserfs buffs will note
that this is because they used to all be \d[01]\d, and now they're
\d\d\d) seems to have worked well, as new numbers in, say, outer New
York just have different area codes.

There must have been *some* way Oftel could have made something similar
work here.

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