Philip Newton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Chris Devers wrote:
> > In any event, the leading 1 is never part of the phone 
> > number, but you always have to dial it whenever making a 
> > "long distance" call.
> Well, I would have thought that's just splitting hairs -- is the '0' part of
> the number 0207 xxx xxxx is the number 207 xxx xxxx "but you have to dial a
> 0 before that"? Comes out to the same thing. Except for...

Actually, if we're being strict then London numbers should be of the
form 020 [78]xxx xxxx, since 020 is now the code for London. Quite why
the fuckwits at Oftel lumbered us with 01[78]1 in the first place is
something of a mystery to me...

Note that, in US phone numbers, the leading 1 is in fact the country


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