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> > > Personally I don't mind funding the beeb, as long as the quality of
> > > content they produce is high. I do object to funding random corporations
> > > whose interests are to their shareholders...
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well don't you worry yourself unduly .. you don't fund then in any way 
and up to this point in time at least the only shareholder is the BBC in
all thes 'random corpoartations' .. basically its a dadge to allow the
BBC to compete against the commercial stations. the 'random corporations'
eg BBC resources limited recieve no licence payers money other than for
services they sell to the BBC eg studio costs for a specific programme.
that way they cant be accused of using public funded resources to compete
against other production companies when bidding for work. in other words
 its just another accounting trick :)

> > Sorry, I don't mind funding the BBC either, I think I get very good value
> > for money at the moment, it's worth it for Radio4 alone. What I object to is
> > paying twice, which is what would be happening if I paid a monthly
> > subscription to see the digital BBC channels that nobody actually wants[1].

umm .. since a) the 'extra' digital channels aren't funded out of the
licence fee and b) you aren't paying the extra subscription, then I dont
see your problem. the extra channels digital channels that you have to
pay a seperate subscription for are self funding and don't get a sub out
of the normal licence fee. think of them in exactly the same terms as say

> Hear, Hear! I don't mind funding the BBC either, but I won't pay for a 
> TV license when I don't have a TV:
>               ********************************
>               **BRING BACK THE RADIO LICENSE**
>               ********************************
> > I am annoyed that I am now paying for this digital stuff indirectly, and I
> > can't watch it. 

ummm .. so you don't have a TV license and you are 'paying for this
digital stuff indirectly' .. how so? .. are you bunging fivers in an
envelope and sending them off or something? ... all the monies that fund
the BBC come from licence fees collection (apart from a small amount
provided by govenrment to cover things such as the shipping forecast, and
being ready to tell you to take cover if a war breaks out) everything
else comes out of licence fees so if you aren't paying one you aren't
funding anything. Im sure if you want to apy a 'radio licence' they'll
let you .. just stuff some fivers in an envelope :)

> I'm going to go to the BBC website and gripe some more about
> > this :-)
> Of course when Demon Internet finally sort out my Premier Connect Plus
> subscription I'll go to the BBC website and listen to Radio4 for free
> and feel even more guilty.

haa .. right .. beat this. I have Surftime Anytime and  Demon Premier
thing. .. this quarter my bill says 
<demon> 1436 hours .. 0.00 pence 

I reckon 1436 hours in a quarter is pretty good going .. it beats my 750
hours or so last quarter :)

Robin Szemeti

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So I installed Linux!

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