Greg McCarroll wrote:
>         Template Toolkit
>         HTML::Mason
>         Text::Template
>         HTML::Template
>         HTML::Embperl


> First, are there any others that I should look at? Also I'd really like
> any objective input people have about templating with these modules. It
> is important to me to try and not just get the article done and dusted,
> but for once to write a piece of text that I am happy with.

I have had good results with HTML::Template for doing simple 1 form CGI

It is easy to use and has a small feature set which makes it easy to

I found it a good replacement for inline html and my home-grown
templating system (everyone has one right ?)

Now I use TT2 because it is much more flexible. Things I can do in TT2 I
can't do in HTML::Template (or at least never tried to do):

Write out non-html (e.g. XML, plain text, csv).
Access object methods from the template
Call back into perl from the template

Anyway, others can evangelise TT2 much better than I so I'll stop here.

I avoided HTML::Embperl, HTML::Mason & Apache::ASP because they all
embed perl into the template which is a Bad Thing (tm).

My 0.02.

Almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.

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