Le 27/10/2021 à 05:16, V K a écrit :

HEAD was master, not breakrows. I don't know what was wrong, so I deleted Lyx 
git folder on my machine and cloned Lyx from git anew. After that compiled 
master with --enable-build-type=prof – huge notes were very slow, almost 
stalled. I compiled breakrows branch with --enable-build-type=prof and huge 
notes are usable. Performance is much better than it was in master. There is 
some, how to say, jerking, lagging when scrolling, scrolling isn't smooth, 
there is a lag, but I can scroll insets almost freely. This is huge progress. 
Maybe master waits it :).

Good to know, I will propose it. I was waiting for good reasons :)

I can help with testing (not this week though). I don't know anything about 
profiler, but installed Hotspot, launched lyxgit (that is my prefix of master 
Lyx) with default parameters. Now I have 56 MiB perf.data file. Versions of 
packages are there, I think (except those from Arch linux Aur), if you need 
that information: 
There is parser errors like "Module "libQt5Gui.so.5.15.2" is missing 1587 of 2089 
debug symbols." and so on. So I can send perf.data file to you.

The problem is that, besides the versions, the precise layout of the binaries may differ. Therefore, I would have to clone your OS in a VM to be able to read the perf.data file.

Recent unreleased version of hotspot allow to save a portable file, but I could not get it to work in my trials. They are available here:
(take the appImage file and make it runnable).

Otherwise, we could try to run "perf cord" and create a report by hand. I'll take a look and come back to you when I have time.

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