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Le 17/10/2021 à 00:25, V K a écrit :
> I'm using Manjaro linux with Sway (Wayland) with integrated graphics. I don't 
> like fan running so my CPU profile is balance_power in tlp.conf. That is 
> slowing PC, but only Lyx with huge insets are unusable.

Do you have the possibility of testing a x11 session ? Do this change 

> My knowledge about git is very basic. So I updated master and compiled, added 
> those two commands but git pull says "already up to date". So how can I clone 
> that branch?

It seems that my knowledge is not as good as I thought ;) I guess I 
missed a:
git fetch -a

The correct instructions are here:



I updated master first of all and huge insets can be scrolled. Very slowly, but 
this is better than it was on two months old master when insets were stalled 
mostly. That is without breakrows branch.

There were some adventures with features/breakrows branch.
https://wiki.lyx.org/Devel/LyXGit#toc3 says that I should do "git pull features 
But this produces error:
"fatal: couldn't find remote ref features/breakrows"
After some experimenting branch was successfully ( I hope :)) pulled by:
"git pull features breakrows"
After that I compiled Lyx with autogen etc. 
Hugenotes are slow, similar to master, maybe a tad better. And I doubt – maybe 
it is master without breakrows branch. I don't see anything about that branch 
in Lyx info. Version info:
Version 2.4.0dev
(not released yet)
Built from git commit hash 6d1c0d0c
Qt Version (run-time): 5.15.2 on platform wayland-egl
Qt Version (compile-time): 5.15.2
Python detected: python3 -tt

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