Le 22/10/2021 à 01:59, V K a écrit :
I updated master first of all and huge insets can be scrolled. Very slowly, but 
this is better than it was on two months old master when insets were stalled 
mostly. That is without breakrows branch.

Good. Did you configure with "--enable-build-type=prof" ? This is important because by default master will compile with some run-time checks that lower the performance.

"git pull features breakrows"
After that I compiled Lyx with autogen etc.

Hugenotes are slow, similar to master, maybe a tad better. And I doubt – maybe 
it is master without breakrows branch. I don't see anything about that branch 
in Lyx info. Version info:

If it is the breakrow branch, then "git log" will start like:

commit 5f33a0ea1971e924c4959b9a003ed548871153ab (HEAD -> breakrows, features/breakrows)
Author: Jean-Marc Lasgouttes <lasgout...@lyx.org>
Date:   Tue Oct 12 11:33:23 2021 +0200

    One less thing to do in PAINTING_ANALYSIS

It is disappointing that the situation is not better. However, I am not able to reproduce you problem on my system, and I do not understand why. My core i7 7700T is not fundamentally faster than your core i7 6600U.

If you have some more time, we can try to find out why it is not that fast. To do that, the idea would be to run a profiler like hotspot. Do you have any experience with that?

Unfortunately, I did not find a way to let you send me the full profiler data, since it depends of the precise version of all the components of your system.

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