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> Hi Jürgen,
> Thank you for the message. As for my time usage, I have already built the
> external converter, because I have books that are on a publishing schedule,
> and they need to get out there. My question is where I go from here. I'm
> not sure if the LyX team realizes just how many self-publishing authors are
> out there in the world. It is a very large number. When I joined the
> Self-Publishing School (with thousands of students all writing books), I
> found that nobody even knew about LyX. I think authors should be using LyX,
> but it needs to be easier, and EPUB/Kindle is absolutely mandatory.
> I am willing to talk with the guy who is writing the EPUB output, and help
> him make it better. Even if only to serve as a consultant, since a) I'm a
> developer with decades of experience, b) I'm a published book author, and
> c) I've written a fully-working external converter from LyXHTML to EPUB.
> Given all of that, I think I can be of service to the LyX project, at least
> in some capacity. Can you please put me in touch with the individual that I
> should speak with?

As Juergen wrote the best would be to join lyx-devel list, Thibaut Cuvelier
who rewrote docbook output and provided ebook on top of that is actively 
present there.

I think he would grateful for feedback about the bugs of the current LyX 2.4
epub output.

That said, the unfortunate news is that speedy prototyping in external python
script is probably going to share the fate of other scripts of this sort
(elyxer being last but not the only one): cool and perhaps better than
the output we currently have, but in long-term uncompatible and abandoned,
because it does not internally share the codebase with LyX itself.

If there was a way how to include your knowledge into improving internal LyX
code that would be win-situation for us, but it would mean that your python
scripting won't be used in the end, which might be hard pill to swallow...

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