On 04/13/2010 10:43 AM, Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:
rgheck wrote:
It'd be nice to hear precisely what people would want that version
control does not provide. I have a hard time myself seeing why it is any
more than an "isn't that cool" feature for two people simultaneously to
edit a single document. I.e., fun, but hardly revolutionary as far as
actual productivity goes, at least for the sort of work most LyX users
actually do. There's no doubt that LyXs' VC support could be improved,
and it has been in some significant ways for 2.0, so we'd happily hear
suggestions about that, too.
I also think that VC probably provides all you need for collaboration
(although a closer integration of VC, comparision and CT would be cool).

For me, a main obstacle is the lack of a suitable web service. My Faculty does
not provide svn or other VC repositories, and I did not find a suitable
service on the web yet, where I can savely store my data in such a way that
only selected people can access it. But maybe I just didn't search long

I looked into some of this a while ago, and there aren't great options for the sort of thing we're discussing: I.e., not programming, and not open to everyone's eyes. Brown, as it happens, does provide such a facility, though I haven't yet found the time even to move our website code over there.

Have you asked the IS people if they'd think about supporting svn on their servers?


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