Boys I made a polite question because I can offer a personalized and charge
free SVN service to Lyx. Weirdly enough, I received no answer. Intilinux
Projects, see here:
We are Italians but I speak English perfectly so there's no problem if u
need anything: we can not only host u but also give u all the coding
services u need: svn, bzr, cvs, forums, anything u need really. Now, can u
please tell me if ou services are needed?


2010/4/13 Pavel Sanda <>

> Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:
> > (although a closer integration of VC, comparision and CT would be cool).
> i'm glad to hear somebody else also thinks it would be cool ;)
> from the VC point of view things are prepared in LFUN_VC_COMPARE
> but there is currently no easy way how to call comparison.
> i still hope we can settle on some solution with Vincent for 2.0.
> > For me, a main obstacle is the lack of a suitable web service. My Faculty
> does
> > not provide svn or other VC repositories, and I did not find a suitable
> > service on the web yet, where I can savely store my data in such a way
> that
> > only selected people can access it. But maybe I just didn't search long
> > enough.
> these are first hits on googling "public svn service"
> personally i would never give my data to any alien server though.
> pavel

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