On 2010-04-14, Pavel Sanda wrote:
> Alan Tyree wrote:

>> RCS is what I used for a long time before discovering the distributed
>> version control systems. When using RCS you need either 1) a central
>> server or 2) some system (like rsync) to keep two computers "on the
>> same page"

> the point was not to propose rcs for the colaboration... but for
> private usage (and unless you have some bigger project with tons of
> external material) i find rcs to be very good and in some sense more
> convenient than proposed git...

I know RCS and even used it at some stage because it is (or was)
supported by LyX. However, 

* I don't like the additional files distributed over my file system

* I have some external material (not tons, but 10...100 scripts
  generating the plots I need in my work).
* I use git for other projects too.  


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