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> Guenter Milde wrote:
> > > What about using a distributed version control system? I use Bazaar to
> > > collaborate with one of my colleagues. We meed every so often to do a
> > > double merge and it works really well. No central server is needed,
> > > although if you have one available then you can use it like svn.
> >
> > I use Git to keep a local VC repository so I strongly favour the option
> > to support distributed version control from LyX.
> are you aware of rcs?

RCS is what I used for a long time before discovering the distributed
version control systems. When using RCS you need either 1) a central server
or 2) some system (like rsync) to keep two computers "on the same page"

Distributed systems eliminate the need for a central server (although you
can use one if available). They also **greatly** reduce the potential for
accidental overwrites if you are trying to sync two computers.

I used Bazaar because (at least at the time) git didn't play too well with
windows and my collaborator was using Windows. I believe that Mercurial is
as good, and probably git is too if the windows problem has been solved. I
like Bazaar since it is written in Python and will run on a warm toaster if
necessary - but no need to start a religious war here!

Here is a link to the "workflow" of using a DVCS with two users (even if
both of the users are yourself working on a different machine:

See, in particular, the "Working with peers" section.

I think it's great for collaboration, even when the "collaboration" is with


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