William Hanson <whanson <at> umn.edu> writes:

> When I try I get "Application is not recognized as an internal or external
command, operable program, or batch file."  Could this be because my DOS prompt
always comes up as C:\Documents and Settings\whanson>  I'm unable to get rid of
the ">", and when I put "\" after it and try to continue, I get the error
message.  And I'm unable to get the DOS prompt back to just plain C:\.  Maybe
I've forgotten something really simple about DOS.

The DOS prompt is not the culprit.  Once you get to the C:\Documents and
Settings\whanson, type

cd "Application Data\lyx20"

(not sure the quotes are necessary, but they can't hurt) and see if you get
there.  If not, from the C:\Documents and Settings\whanson prompt type

cd "Application Data"
mkdir lyx20
cd lyx20

which should get you to where you need to be (C:\Documents and
Settings\whanson\Application Data\lyx20).  Once that's your prompt, run the
Python command, slapping quotes around all paths to be safe.


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