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I've already uninstalled both 1.6.7 and 2.0.0. I reinstalled 2.0 this morning. During the installation process, a got the error message "Downloading of MiKTeX failed. (HTTP/1.1 4054 not found."
When you uninstalled LyX, you left MiKTeX alone, right? If so, the LyX installer should not be trying to download it. Typically the LyX installer looks for MiKTeX and, if it finds it, asks you whether to use that version or to download a new one. I'm not sure, but I think the LyX installer may look for MiKTeX by checking a registry entry, so it's possible that you're missing the registry entry. (The alternative would be that the LyX installer would look for latex.exe on the command path, and we've established it is there.)
I was nevertheless able to continue with the installation process, and I now have 2.0.0 in Program Files. I can open it, but when I select a file to work on I get a message which says that the selected document class "article" requires external files that are not available. (This is what happened when the problems started ten days ago.)
That's consistent with LyX thinking that you do not have a LaTeX distribution installed.
I'm unable to execute the stuff you suggest in the message you sent earlier today. Start>Run>cmd puts me into DOS, but I'm unable to carry out the recommended steps.

The configuration script does not use the registry (I just checked), so I think manual configuration should work. The script tries to find LaTeX by running latex.exe (against a small file), so if the MiKTeX bin directory is on the system command path, this should succeed. From DOS, you will need to execute

cd C:\Documents and Settings\<you>\Application Data\lyx20

to get to the user directory, then execute the Python command I supplied in the last message. If the local directory does not exist (you can check that with Windows Explorer, or running the command above will tell you Windows can't find the target directory), execute

mkdir C:\Documents and Settings\<you>\Application Data\lyx20

then the cd line and then the Python command. Of course, in all this you need to replace <you> with your login id. You may also need to put the path strings in quotes ("C:\...\lyx20"); I can't remember if that's necessary, and my XP machine has been retired, but it can't hurt to use the quotes.

Where do you get stuck trying to do this?


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