I've already uninstalled both 1.6.7 and 2.0.0.  I reinstalled 2.0 this
morning.  During the installation process, a got the error message
"Downloading of MiKTeX failed.  (HTTP/1.1 4054 not found." I was
nevertheless able to continue with the installation process, and I now have
2.0.0 in Program Files.  I can open it, but when I select a file to work on
I get a message which says that the selected document class "article"
requires external files that are not available.  (This is what happened when
the problems started ten days ago.)  When I close this message the selected
file comes up, and I can work on it.  However, when I try to View (convert)
nothing happens.  This also happened with the previous verizion of 2.0.0
when I started having problems.  But then I would get another error message
at this point, which doesn't happen now.

I've tried reconfiguring from the Tools menu, but it doesn't help.

I'm unable to execute the stuff you suggest in the message you sent earlier
today.  Start>Run>cmd puts me into DOS, but I'm unable to carry out the
recommended steps.


On Fri, Jul 1, 2011 at 8:17 AM, Paul A. Rubin <> wrote:

> Bill,
> If you have not yet uninstalled/reinstalled (or if you have and the problem
> persists), here's another thing you can try.  Open a command prompt (Start >
> Run > cmd) and navigate to your user directory (which I think we established
> was C:\Documents and Settings\<you>\Application Data\lyx16) (or lyx20 ...
> you can try both versions).  From that directory, run
> C:\Program Files\<whichever LyX directory>\Python\python.exe C:\Program
> Files\<same LyX directory>\Resources\**
> which will do a reconfiguration of that version of LyX.  This helped
> someone else with similar symptoms.  His case was different -- he has a
> roaming profile homed on a network drive -- but it might work for you as
> well.
> Paul

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