Julio Rojas wrote:

> Thanks Scott,
> This shortcut is quite useful in getting me over the old "Frame"
> environment hangover. Nevertheless, while trying both methods another
> "problem" appeared: To get out of the title of a "Frame" pressing return is
> not enough. One has to use the arrows to get out of the "Frame title"  box
> and then issue return to get to the next line. Now, the next line is not
> indented, so I pressed tab in order to indent the line inside the "Frame".
> To my surprise, this line belongs to a "Frame" environment, so one has to
> change it manually to a standard environment. Weird things do not stop
> there, as one might believe that issuing return would get you out of this
> environment, but no, as one can issue as many CRs as wanted, a behavior
> that I believe is completely unintended, isn't it so?
> Regards.
> -------------------------------------------------
> Julio Rojas
> jcredbe...@gmail.com
This is exactly my experience - I completely agree this could be easier.

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