2014-05-07 17:14 GMT+02:00 Neal Becker:

> OK, I'm confused here.  Let's consider workflow to make a bullet chart.

I was talking about the Standard paragraph, not Itemize.

> Insert sep.  Hit return.
> Select Frame
> Fill in Title
> oops - return in title does nothing, navigate past title (right arrow), hit
> return


Alt-A Return
Fill in title
Arrow right

> Now I'm in Frame.  Certainly not what I want - I don't even know what this
> frame
> in a frame would do.

I do not understand what you mean by "Frame in a frame". You are still in
the same frame. Would you also say "Quotation in a quotation" if the style
still is called "quotation" after hitting return? Or "Itemize in an
itemize"? Or "Theorem in a Theorem"? Or, for that matter, "Standard in

> Switch to itemize
> Use mouse to hit -> icon to nest itemize within frame.

Yes. The same as you need to do when using itemize in an Example box, or
Quotation, or Theorem, or ...


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