On 05/07/2014 08:07 AM, Neal Becker wrote:
Julio Rojas wrote:

Thanks Scott,

This shortcut is quite useful in getting me over the old "Frame"
environment hangover. Nevertheless, while trying both methods another
"problem" appeared: To get out of the title of a "Frame" pressing return is
not enough. One has to use the arrows to get out of the "Frame title"  box
and then issue return to get to the next line. Now, the next line is not
indented, so I pressed tab in order to indent the line inside the "Frame".
To my surprise, this line belongs to a "Frame" environment, so one has to
change it manually to a standard environment. Weird things do not stop
there, as one might believe that issuing return would get you out of this
environment, but no, as one can issue as many CRs as wanted, a behavior
that I believe is completely unintended, isn't it so?


Julio Rojas

This is exactly my experience - I completely agree this could be easier.

What would help is a concrete proposal about how the UI should work. Then we can think about how to code it.

One idea I had was to implement something corresponding to the "Next Style" option in LibreOffice styles. So, e.g., if you are in a Frame environment and you hit <Return>, then LyX would know NOT to make the next line also a Frame, but instead to revert to Standard (and perhaps we could also have a layout option that told LyX to increase depth for that new layout).


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