Dnia  7.10.2019 o godz. 16:01:26 Brandon Long pisze:
> What value does the reputation calculation have of an IP that's sent 20
> messages to us in the last 30 days?

Because the volume of messages is so low, I guess you should assume that
they are OK unless it is *proven* that they are spam (eg. several users have
manually marked them as spam, or the sender has been blacklisted as known
spammer - but again, *that particular server* has been blacklisted and not
the whole netblock).

Even if all these messages were spam, you are off by 0.01% as you argumented
previously. :)

It is always better to let the possible spam go through than to filter out
something that is not spam. It's easy for user to mark unwanted message as
spam, it's harder to notice that there's something important in the spam
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