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> Dnia  7.10.2019 o godz. 16:01:26 Brandon Long pisze:
> >
> > What value does the reputation calculation have of an IP that's sent 20
> > messages to us in the last 30 days?
> Because the volume of messages is so low, I guess you should assume that
> they are OK unless it is *proven* that they are spam (eg. several users
> have
> manually marked them as spam, or the sender has been blacklisted as known
> spammer - but again, *that particular server* has been blacklisted and not
> the whole netblock).

Except it's usually trivial for folks within a netblock to move their
traffic from one IP
to another.

Even if all these messages were spam, you are off by 0.01% as you argumented
> previously. :)
> It is always better to let the possible spam go through than to filter out
> something that is not spam. It's easy for user to mark unwanted message as
> spam, it's harder to notice that there's something important in the spam
> folder.

That's why you have target values for false positives and false negatives,
and those don't
need to be the same targets.

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