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On Jan 4, 2012, at 11:42 AM, Peter van der Krogt wrote:
Dear Jay, ... I don't think it is wise two have more than one Maphist forum, it is at least confusing for the user.
So please close your google group or at least rename it.
The MapHist forum at
is the successor of the listserv.


I agree with Peter's comment that others should not use the name "MapHist," the short form of "Map History Discussion List."

It may be legal to do so, but, in my opinion, immoral.

See my text below concerning how the name came into being.



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The Hist of MapHist: A Chronicle of the Origins of the Map History Discussion List, 1993-94
        by Ed Dahl


... A few days later, David [Cobb] informed a few of us that his proposal that Harvard host an "Oldmaps Listserv" seemed to have been approved.... The draft of the "description" which followed began: "OLDMAPS-L is a listserv devoted to those interested in the study, collection, curating, and preservation of older maps...." (Cobb to Dahl, Seavey, Martin, and Campbell, 24 September 1993) I forwarded this to David Woodward, Barbara Belyea, and Matthew Edney and received comments from all of them. Belyea wrote: "The description confuses period and form of maps, implies a vaguely historical approach, but excludes 20c maps for no good reason. I suggest instead a MAPHIST-L, which would make the approach clear, include all periods and forms, and go some way to cancel out the alienation of GIS from the big map picture. Although the proposed list is supposed to be an open one, it seems to emphasize the curatorial over the investigative. No doubt because curators have taken the initiative which the 'investigators' have not. But the description needs to be worded so that the various camps are not simply identified but brought together in a common interest. That is, stress the general concerns instead of the institutional divisions." (Belyea to Dahl, 27 September 1993)

... Matthew Edney, on "the proposed OLDMAPS-L // MAPHIST-L" (he preferred "MAPHIST-L") said: "I find myself in agreement with Barbara [Belyea] re. David [Cobb's] original proposal. But I would add/develop a couple of points." He whole-heartedly agreed that the list should be called MAPHIST-L and discussed a number of points at some length.... (Edney to Dahl, 9 October 1993)

Many of these comments were circulated and commented upon. David Cobb had developed an attachment to the name he had first suggested, but "MapHist" was heavily favoured. "Well, I liked 'OldMaps' but it seems to be overwhelmingly too antiquarian! OK,OK, I can be changed -- maybe!" (Cobb to Dahl, 12 October 1993)....


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