I'd check the engine fan to be sure it turns freely. I think it is one of the highest energy consumers in that list

I removed the fuse placard and carefully cleaned away the soot and scorching as best I can. I have deciphered the fuse #7 list to read: backup lamp, heating water valve, water pump, engine fan, heating system for washer jets, climate control system, relay aux fan term. 86, auto. trans. electrics, blower motor inside temp. sensor, air cond. compressor. (I filled in several obscured words with imagination and/or what I vaguely remember. Can somebody please verify it for me?)


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#7 fuse has blown couple more times. The placard inside the fuse box cover is scorched, obscuring the list of systems in addition to compressor on that fuse, and I can't open the pdf file showing such as I have many times before. Can somebody, please, send me a photo of the placard or the appropriate pdf showing those items on fuse #7 for '87 300D?


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SWMBO came in from short trip in the '87 300D, leaned over back of chair in cool living room where I was napping and announced, "Blown fuse in the car. I was driving along with air conditioning blasting away nicely, and it just quit. Don't ya think it's a blown fuse?"

I replied, "Yep; sure hope that's all it is." 'Hobbled out to car thinking 30 amp blower fuse had blown. Loosened the two mounting screws thinking the fuse would fall apart as I removed it, but it did not. Checked fuses in fuse box; 'found #7 (for compressor and coupla other things) blown. Because of my shaky hands, called SWMBO to help me put blower fuse back in place and R&R #7. A/C blowing ice cold again.

BTW, I did NOT change ALL the fuses.  ;<)



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