Someplace like Conover, WI may be the best of both worlds: almost a yooper, but still in "civilization." (Ha!)

Between MN and the UP, I'd pick the UP. Too bad the yoopers are controlled by the MI legislature. Too bad northern WI is controlled by the wackos in Madison, although there has been some improvement in WI the past few years. Too bad northern MN is controlled by the MN legislature, who vie with madison and the wackos in Iowa City for who is the most wacko.

They are all outdone by the frootloops in CA, the nutjobs in the Northeast, particularly NY/NJ and the IL mafia.

Yoopers tend to be characters, and I like that. One winter in the UP and you figure out the CA liberal model does not work. You learn to take care of yourself and your neighbors, or you die.

I know some Yoopers. They all have good characteristics but then some are a
little off. But it's the kind of "off" you enjoy being around.
I've seriously considered MN since we lived there in the late 70's, early
'80's when I was in bible college. I love MN. Hmmm....Minnesota. ......

Bob R


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