Andrew, google the word "shovel" I have relocated my water line, dug up my buried power line, relocated my buried phone line (OK my wife did that because she wanted to do something useful outside) using a shovel. It is ancient technology. you only have to go down a little ways and bury some 1" PVC conduit which is very cheap. Get some 12-2 Romex and pull it through (do it while you are burying the sections of conduit, it is easier then, lay down your wire then slide the conduit over it, be careful not to get glue inside the conduit) leaving enough at each end to reach whatever you are connecting each end to. Then if you must call the electrician, have him put an outlet or 4 in your shed, maybe a switched outlet for your lights, and connect the other end to your panel with a GFCI breaker, or to another outlet somewhere and put in a new GFCI outlet to protect it. I would just do it and be done with it, forget the electrician. An afternoon of work, a coupla hundred dollars of stuff, and you have good solid power for whatever you need.

But that's just me.

As far as plugging 110V stuff into your solar set-up, assuming you are using a panel to charge a deep cycle 12V battery, you buy a 12V -> 11oV inverter from HF, wire that to your battery terminals (either cut off the ciggy llghter plug and put it to the battery directly, or buy a ciggy lighter plug with bare ends to connect to the battery). The inverter will have a regular plug on it to plug your stuff into, but you need to be mindful of the wattage of the inverter and the load of your heaters and lights or whatever.

BTW camping/RV stores will sell all kinds of 12V stuff you can use right off the battery. I favor the blender for making 'ritas in the truck, though mama's new ML has a 110V plug in it too.


On 9/3/15 2:40 PM, Andrew Strasfogel via Mercedes wrote:
Thanks, Rich.  The house and shed are too far apart to run a 110 V line
(got a quote for $2000 from a licensed electrician, half of which was for
digging a deep trench).

I am still puzzled at how to plug in my heat mats into a solar setup.  Send
me some links plesae.


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