PS Now my problem is how can I set a task to be dependent on another task 
using keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys?
Alt+6 seems to toggle open the Dependencies area on the right of the 
screen, but that's all I can find!

On Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 4:05:43 PM UTC+1, John . Smith wrote:
> Wait, I may have solved my own question.
> Although I still cant work out how to show all tasks which are dependent a 
> particular other task,  if I create an Advanced filter with a value of 
> HasDependancy is True, this seems to work in that it shows all tasks that 
> are dependent on at least one other task.
> In my defence I previously attempted to create exactly that view, but for 
> some reason it wasn't working!
> J
> On Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 3:50:01 PM UTC+1, John . Smith wrote:
>> Hi
>> Is there any way to create a view that shows (just) all tasks which are 
>> dependent on something?
>> Or better yet show all tasks which are dependent on a specific task?
>> Background
>> I am trying create a list of tasks that are in effect in an action status 
>> of "Later/Soon".
>> i.e. I want such tasks to disappear off the "Active/Do ASAP" view.
>> I am already using "Hide the branch in To-do" for my "Someday/Maybe" list 
>> which is huge and I want another place to temporarily park tasks. 
>> I do not want to use time to move them back as this would interfere with 
>> my other lists (e.g. Waiting and Sheduled)
>> Cheers
>> J

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