On 2016-09-14 15:40, Davide Giannella wrote:
On 14/09/2016 12:27, Julian Reschke wrote:
should we consider allowing JDK7 features in 1.4 as well?
I'm perfectly fine with it.

It looks like no one noticed the error and it's relatively low risk for
1.4. JD7 has been around for a while now.

I would simply add a note on the download page under the 1.4 section and
put out a news on the JR homepage.

In case it really breaks badly someone we can consider going back. So
far we didn't make that much use of JDK7 specific things as we often
have to backport later on older branches.



it seems some are (mildly) in favor of this change, and so far nobody is opposed to it.

Do we need more time/discussion?

Best regards, Julian

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