On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 12:13 PM, Mike Christie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Mike McGrath wrote:
>> What tarball was this patch against?  I tried it against and
>> it failed to apply.  Should I grab what's in HEAD?
> Is this the 870 from open-iscsi.org or fedora?
> HEAD and 870 on open-iscis.org are the same right now. I just tried to
> apply it and it worked for me.
> [max open-iscsi-2.0-870]# patch -p1 -i
> /home/mnc/kernel/iscsi/open-iscsi/git/open-iscsi/retry-fatal-when-not-initial.patch
> patching file usr/initiator.c
> patching file usr/mgmt_ipc.h
> patching file usr/util.c
> did you apply with -p1?
> The 870 that comes with fedora has some extra patches applied so it may
> not apply to the source that gets built when you do rpmbuild -bp on the
> src rpm in there.

All set, and this patch seems to solve the problem completely for me.


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